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Client Relationship Management

With our CRM system in place, any customer’s query, service request, preference, and previous contact information is instantly available.


Project management that adapts to the demands of your team allows you to plan, track, and manage any sort of work fast and efficiently. Our solution allows users to track pipeline activities, tasks, and objectives from prospect through conversion.


Automate Billing and revenue recognition to streamline the contract-to-cash cycle.


Create Estimates to deliver to your clients directly.


Use our payment system to track payments.


Invoices that are simple and professional, with the option to download them as a PDF.


Control expenses by automating expenditure management operations.

Task Management

Assign tasks to project participants and monitor real-time status updates.

Manage tasks from anywhere

Because our system is mobile-friendly, you may work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are.

Obtain vital information

Using configurable dashboards and analytics, you can monitor team performance, gauge client happiness, and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Automate your workflows

Allow waynes.co automation to handle your support operations so you can focus on providing memorable customer service.

Project Management

To obtain visibility into the progress of your work, collaborate smoothly across teams and departments. Maintain alignment with a platform that everyone will like utilizing to enable a smoother execution.


Reports section to analise what’s working and what’s not for your business

Task Report

Track real-time task reports to manage work completion and save time and money.

Ticket Income Reports vs Expense Report

Report that displays how much money you earned and how much money you spent in the business. Giving you a detailed picture of the company’s profits and expenses.

Ticket Reports

A report to show you open tickets received from clients and closed tickets of resolved problems.

Team Members

Add and remove team members from assigned projects for task and project completion to delegate faster response time.


Messaging Service

Real-time messaging sections allow team members to swiftly and effectively discuss assignments and projects, saving time and money.


Employees may clock in and out directly from their dashboard using the attendance module. Admin may monitor the team’s attendance.

Time Tracker

Timesheets that are inaccurate or sloppy should not exist. Spend your attention on larger, better goals rather than late-night data input. Put the power of easy time tracking in the hands of your wonderful staff, and you will save a lot of time and money.


Simplify every encounter and put consumers back in control by providing the service they expect from you.