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Work Anywhere, Anytime, Spending

Time Focused On What You Love

We are moving into a digital world that requires
computer skills and training in any industry. The cost
is extremely high and most scholars struggle with the
affordability of tertiary education or skills
development courses to improve their skills to get
Waynes.co offers is a platform to help you to be
self-sufficient, independent and create your own
sustainable financial wellness at your own pace.
As a Digital Support Agent, access to Opulence and
other free training opportunities are available to you.
Network with business owners while learning business
skills and competencies.
Is This Programme For Me?
If you are older than 16, currently unemployed, or you
are a student looking for an extra income, with a laptop/computer and internet; then this
program is for you.
What Sets Us Apart?
One of the things that sets Waynes.co apart is our
approach of providing start-ups, small-medium
enterprises with a platform to launch/expand their service/product offering.
We understand that not every company has the
same needs or goals, and we excel in developing
customized solutions to fit their needs. Our platform
is there to grow each and every business and our
pricing is the most affordable in the world.